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Technology Innovations Showcase

The PRI Technology Innovations Showcase features unique products and services offered by PRI Members and other companies.


We currently power over 300,000 digital screens in over 30,000 locations. Our vast history of success, across a diverse portfolio of leading retail brands and companies, is built around our exclusive ReflectView™ platform – It’s powerful, proven and infinitely scalable with the flexibility to support diverse digital media experiences including kiosks, interactive product displays and mobile devices.

Black Box iCompel
Black Box iCompel


iCOMPEL™ WDS Digital Signage

Enhance your retail sales interaction with wearable signage.

  • Show videos on mini-LCD players to promote and boost sales.
  • Ideal for in-store promotions and PoS/PoP advertising.
  • Log in to a Web portal to assemble your video presentations.
  • Customize content with branding, scrolling text, and special effects.
  • Each player includes magnetic clip and lanyard holder for wearing, Mini-USB cable for updating media and recharging player, AC charger, and client tool on CD.

Delivering video messages through a 2.4" screen that you wear, iCOMPEL WDS enables you to create eye-catching tags that enhance B2C marketing. Use it to:

  • Speak to customers in an unobtrusive way.
  • Communicate a value proposition without spoken words.
  • Better reach “just-looking” types of customers.

And if you have our iCOMPEL EDS platform, content for thousands of players can be updated remotely to ensure consistent messaging.



Black Box iCompel

DS Smartscreen
DS Smartscreen

This is not about Small, it is about Smart

Smart Screen is an all-in-one solution for the Digital Signage world, including an LCD display, a content player and an audience measurement system. It’s the latest product of DS Digital Screens (Venco).

It has been developed by Digital Screens and Trumedia and it’s easy to install and perfect to work in retail. SmartScreen is a smart 10.1” screen, the first in the world to enable content management and digital signage networks with an integrated audience measurement. Also, it broadcasts in high resolution.

For all these reasons, SmartScreen is probably the best digital signage tool in the world, since it can measure and recognize the audience through a facial recognition system, and deliver a customized message to the customer in real time. SmartScreen captures audience images with a high-resolution, wide dynamic range digital camera sensor, detects the viewers' faces and tracks them to yield accurate audience counts with gaze time and dwell time data. Video classification algorithms determine the viewers' gender and age group. According to that determination, an attractive and appropriate message is displayed for each target at the moment of purchase because dynamic content generation is automatic. For this reason, it has a high percentage of investment return.

The media player supports various media formats and industry standards as well.


Intel® Retail Solutions

Retail solutions that deliver converged customer experiences.

Today’s retail landscape bears little resemblance to the traditional model. New channels and emerging technologies present retailers with innumerable new challenges, and mean that shoppers are more informed and engaged. Seamless, secure Intel-based retail solutions deliver the intelligence needed to break through in this new dynamic, without breaking budgets. From real-time inventory management to optimizing brands across channels, we’re helping businesses create the kinds of richer, more personalized consumer engagement that drives customer loyalty, and can translate into profits. Because we understand that the more intelligent the solution, the more amazing the experiences—in store, online or on a mobile device. Solve your retail challenges with our exclusive Solution Blueprints, available at Follow us on Twitter at @RetailerInsight and visit our mobile site at

NEC Display Solutions
NEC Display Solutions

LED edge-lit, super-slim displays

NEC’s next-gen screen technology for digital signage

1.7” unit depth

1920x1080 full HD

Built-in, standardized expansion slot

Reduced power consumption

Enhanced durability

Improved edge-to-edge brightness uniformity

Less weight and shipping costs



Adaptive’s HoverPro suspends video monitors anywhere inside a facility right in front of the target audience in hallways, doorways and checkout lines. Whether the HoverPro suspended installation is used in a permanent store location or for a trade show exhibit, Adaptive strives to offer the latest solutions with reliability and safety as its cornerstone.

HoverPro is a single LCD monitor suspension device that allows you to deliver visual messages and content anywhere and without the limitations of wall mounting and/or expensive kiosks. Messages are permanently displayed above and in front of indoor target audiences by suspending and aiming large LCD and plasma screens (more than 40 inches) from any overhead structure. As a pre-engineered rigging system, HoverPro adapts to the standard rear VESA-mounting hole patterns built into flat screen monitors to be safely rigged in portrait and landscape orientations.

These rigging kits provide installers with the ability to safely suspend and tilt screens into any desired angle, from any location and height from the roof down. Down-tilt aiming is accomplished by way of suspending the monitors from the HoverPro brackets’ multiple suspension points. An optional aiming device, the One-Way-Array®, may be installed in line, above the HoverPro, to provide up to 360 degrees of aiming rotation horizontally. Additionally, a wide variety of standard off-the-shelf rigging hardware is available to allow the installer to safely assemble and “hover” the LCD or plasma monitor at any desired height and angle above an audience, store traffic and window fronts. Power is usually delivered along one of the suspension cables while the signal wire runs down the other suspension cable. Close fitting loom then covers both suspension cable and wire to deliver a very cosmetically appealing display.

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