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Journal of Retail Analytics

PRI’s Journal of Retail Analytics is a comprehensive quarterly publication that addresses the current state of the retail economy, and also includes news and case studies regarding digital customer-facing technologies. The Journal provides essential, in-depth information on the economy as it impacts retailers and consumers. In addition, the Journal details developments in the digital communications industry. PRI's offices, projects, and extensive contacts in North America and Europe enable the firm to report on cutting-edge global events. Furthermore, the Journal features industry-leading guest columnists, thought-provoking case studies, network profiles, and more.

The most recent edition of the Journal of Retail Analytics is available for free download here. Individual articles from previous editions of the Journal may be downloaded from the PRI Resource Library.

The 1Q 2015 Journal includes the following articles:

  • PRI 1Q 2015 Retail Economic Outlook: Weak Wage Growth and a Change in Consumer Sending Patterns Will Continue to Weigh on Retail Sales During 2015
  • James Avery Crafts New Branded Customer Experiences With In-Store Digital Media
  • Key Considerations When Choosing a CMS Provider
  • Measuring What Matters: The Myths About Mobile Advertising
  • Online, Offline, and the New World of Flat Retailing
  • Programming Your Store: Making the Most of Digital In-Store Technologies
  • Six Degrees of Digital Connections: Growing Grocery Sales in an Omni-channel World, Part 3
  • The Retail Radar: Quarterly Retail Trends
  • What Mobile Means to Retailing: It's Not About Better Targeting

Download the current issue of the Journal of Retail Analytics below:

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