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PRI’s consulting services focus on technology that impacts the customer experience. In an omni-channel environment, PRI works with its clients to develop marketing strategies to integrate various technologies including digital signage and mobile, as well as integrating systems that touch the customer. This encompasses quantitative and qualitative research, competitive analysis, strategy, concept development, and branding. PRI staff members are experts in understanding customers and markets, and planning and executing on how to influence end-user demand.

By devising a marketing approach for clients considering technologies that touch consumers, PRI’s independent, fact-based approach to addressing its clients’ issues leads to optimal results. PRI’s consultants are uniquely qualified in both their global and large-firm marketing experience, and we are determined to bring the best global thinkers to bear for the benefit of our clients.

Representative consulting areas include:

  • Industry analysis
  • New product analysis and launch optimization
  • Marketing strategies
  • Integration of out-of-store and in-store marketing
  • Measurement and testing of marketing impact
  • In-store media content positioning and integration
  • Education and training

PRI brings in-store consulting expertise to industries including:

Read more about PRI's consulting services here.

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