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Digital Place-based Advertising Metrics

Digital place-based advertising is a rapidly growing industry. To be successful, networks must provide independent, third-party metrics to advertisers and their agencies.

PRI consults with digital communication network owners to provide technologically advanced, industry-accepted metrics that go beyond the simple and antiquated observations that the large, expensive firms provide. In addition, we can continually update your metrics to provide timely, audited data.

PRI Qualifications

PRI is an internationally recognized consulting and research firm that works with its clients to develop marketing strategies to integrate various customer-facing technologies. PRI clients include retailers, media companies, financial institutions, hardware and software companies, educational institutions, and other businesses. PRI’s Digital Place-based Advertising brochure provides more detailed information on our services.

PRI Case Studies

PRI has conducted ROI metrics research for major networks in various vertical markets. Summary examples can be found in the following case studies:
Case Study #1 -- Testing the Impact of Digital Signage at the U.S. Postal Service
Case Study #2 -- Testing the Impact of Digital Signage at a Major Bank
Case Study #3 -- Testing the Impact of Digital Signage at Two U.K. Retailers

PRI Measurement

PRI will design and develop metrics that measure your network’s audience impact. Our precision analysis can be on a per screen, per region, or systemwide basis. In advance of field testing, PRI will confer with various advertising agencies to ensure that the test design and findings will conform to agency requirements. In addition, PRI will design the test to conform to the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association’s Audience Metrics Guidelines for audience impressions. This information is compiled in an audit report, which can be updated regularly. Data and analysis are provided. To the extent possible, personas/consumer behavioral types are also presented. Third-party data can also be incorporated.

Our certified audits will provide you with the information that advertisers and agencies require, as well as help you evaluate your network’s penetration. A web interface can also be created to allow instant access to your data.

Choose PRI Audited Digital Place-based Advertising Metrics for:

Quality. Independence. Easy metrics updates. Value.

Read more about PRI's DPA Metrics services here.

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