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Education & Training

PRI provides customized on-site and distance-learning education programs in a wide variety of subjects relating to retail, digital signage/digital communications networks, and consumer behavior. These educational programs may be designed for both new and established digital signage users on key aspects of digital media including deployment, network management, content development and measurement. PRI also develops customized training for sales and customer service staff of industry suppliers, specifically to provide broader industry context so that employees can better serve their customers.

In addition to customized training, available courses include:

  • Overview of the Digital Signage Industry
  • Integration of In-Store Marketing Devices and the Customer Experience
  • In-Store Media Measurement
  • Content Development and Management
  • Developing an Implementation Strategy
  • In-Store Technologies
  • Running a Digital Out-of-Home Network
  • Determining Whether Digital Signage Supports Your Business Strategy
  • Digital Place-based Advertising
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