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National News

ABC News
Experts Divided on Growth of Retail Sales Over Holidays

Business Agility Radio
Mobile Strategies for the Mall

Business Week
Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Flat-Line Special
How Coach Defies the Odds

CBS News
Deep Discounts Arriving Early This Year
Luxury Retail Feels the Sting

CEO World Magazine
Retailers Will Have to Adjust to New Frugal World

Huffington Post
As Stock Market Soars, Companies Capitalize on Income Inequality

Make the Most of Your '09 Stimulus Funds
core Super High End Stuff at Bargain Prices

Marketplace, American Public Media
Anticipating a Bargain Effect in Retail
Black Friday Draws Unruly Crowds
Catalogs Still Piling It On

NY Times Dealbook
Is Eddie Lampert Feeling the Pain?

Shine (from Yahoo!)
A Guide to Buying Luxury Items at Costco/TJ Maxx

Time Magazine
The Fight for the Middle
Department-Store Superstar

USA Today
Experts Divided on Growth of Retail Sales Over Holidays
New Sampling Machine Can Gauge Your Age and Sex
Disney Baby Retail and Online Store Targets Youngest Crowd
Malls Compete to Lure Holiday Shoppers
Sleigh Full of Deals to Follow Slow Shopping Season
arget to Give Back in Back to School

Wall Street Journal
Billboards, Store Displays Get Digital

International News

Business Standard (India)
Catch Them Where You Can

Digital Signage Europe
Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education: Will They Ever Learn?
Flying Off the Shelves: In-Store Digital Marketing Systems

Content Generation Requires a Technology Solution

DOOH Portal (Log-In Required)
Advances in In-Store Technology Influence Consumer Purchase Behaviour
Is It Worth It? Measuring ROI for a Digital Signage Network(see p. 13)
Is the 70% Rule True? (see pg. 24)

ScreenMedia Magazine
Managing & Automating Content Generation

Sports Trader (South Africa)
Turn Browsers into Shoppers

Trade Press

ABA Banking Journal
Do DCNs Make a Difference?
Can a DCN Impact Your Branch Experience?

AV Technology Online
Is Digital Signage an Effective Communication Medium on College Campuses?

Broadcast Engineering
North American TV shipments remain strong, but clouds form on horizon

Chain Store Age
Signs of Change

Dealers Smarting over Ace Miscues
Rooftop Owners Float New Plan to Rebuild Wrigley

Digital Signage Industry Brightens for 2013
Even After Sandy, Holiday Sales Look Bright
Omni-Channel Shopping is Changing Retail
Retailers Dramatically Underinvest in Technology
Rising Retail Profits May Spur IT Spending
The Media-Saturn In-Store Experience
The P&L of Digital Ad Networks

Digital Signage News
Finger-Scan Payment Spreading in Retail
Interview with PRI's Margot Myers

eCampus News
Can Colleges Meet Students' Preference for Digital Communication?
Digital Signage Competes for Students' Attention
Digital Signage Adoption Skyrockets in Higher Education

IT Business Edge (extract from San Jose Mercury News)
Do Web Sites Feed or Cannibalize Physical Store Sales?

Corralling the Data Around Mobile Shopping

MultiChannel Merchant
Signs of the Times

Pro/AV Magazine
Behind the Surge in Digital Signage
How APIs are Changing the Future of Retail

Retail Information Systems News

Masking the Underinvestment
Top Adoption Trends of Omnichannel Marketing
etailers Convert Traffic Into Sales

Retail Traffic
Mixed Forecast for Holiday Shopping Season
Redefining the "Store" for the Digital Age
Creating an In-Store Digital Experience
Masking the Underinvestment
The Future of Retail: Emerging Technology and Store Formats
Top Adoption Trends of Omni-Channel Marketing

Signage Solutions Magazine
Revisiting the 70 Percent Rule (see page 39)

Stores Magazine
Drawing Attention

The Gourmet Retailer
Analysts Say Retailers Should Pinpoint Regional Tastes

Winning Strategies for Digital Design

The Future of Retail

National Retail Federation Retail Library

The Transformational Impact of eCommerce on Retail Stores

The 70 Percent Rule Revisited: Consumer In-Store Decision-Making and the Transformational Impact of Digital Signage

Challenges Facing Retail Adoption of Digital Signage

Leveraging Emerging In-Store Technologies

In-Store Advertising Competes for Consumer Attention

Retailers' Investment in Technology: An Industry Perspective

Technology Can Enhance Personal Service In-Store

The Media-Saturn In-Store Experience

'Tis the Season: How Will You Address Inventory Distortion?

Integrating Mobile Technology Into the Retail Customer Experience

Neuromarketing Reveals a World of Possibilities

Avoiding the Risks to Global Expansion

Corporate Attitudes and Adoption Trends of Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Marketing

Agency and Brand Attitudes and Perspectives Regarding Digital Place-Based Advertising

Creating the Information-Rich Store: The Intelligent Systems Revolution in Retail

Finland's Elisa Telecom ShopIt Stores Showcase Customer-Facing Technology

McCormick's Experiential Brand Showcase Opens Up a World of Flavors

Lowe's iPad Deployment Turns a Complex Buying Process into a Simple Shopping Experience

Differentiated Commerce: A Model for Success

The Future of Retail: A Perspective on Emerging Technology and Store Formats

Understanding and Leveraging Emotions in Retailing, Parts I, II, and III 

Retail Store Shopper Cards: Competitive Differentiator?

Improving Retail With Internet of Things Data

Consumer Location-Based Analytics Deliver Actionable Insights

In-Store Messages Optimized by Analytics – Case Studies and Results

What Mobile Means to Retailing: It's Not About Better Targeting

Local News

Baltimore Sun
Sears Moves to Bolster Apparel Sales

The Bismarck (ND) Tribune
Even Now, Retailers See a Blue Christmas

The Business Journal of Milwaukee
Kohl's, Bon-Ton Cut Inventory Amid Retail Slowdown
etail Recovery: Kohl's, Bon-Ton Recovering as Stock Price Climbs
hat Will 2009 Bring? New Year Won't Ring in Good Economic News for Most

Chicago Sun-Times
Cubs Reject Billboard Deal From Wrigleyville Rooftop Clubs

Chicago Tribune
Surge Can't Salvage Season
Taxpayers Can’t Help But Ask: What About Us?
Apparel Missteps Take Toll at Sears
ears Banks on Its Brands

Sears Tests New Store Design

Retailers Vow Not to Get Snared in Showrooming's Web This Holiday Season

Columbus (OH) Business First
Global Brands Seek Out Local Design Company

Herald-Tribune (FL)
University Parkway Bucks Economic Slowdown
et Ready for a Weak Holiday Season
etailer's Idea of School Bells:  Ringing Registers

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