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Driving Store Sales by Leveraging Location-Based Analytics

Advances in in-store digital technology are enabling retailers to inexpensively accumulate a treasure trove of customer data. Insights extracted from this data can be used to increase sales, enhance the shopping experience, reduce operating costs, and become the foundation for next-generation proximity marketing campaigns. Implementing location-based technologies, aggregating and analyzing the data, as well as practical tips to ensure success when using these insights, will be the focus of this event.

PRI and RIS News presented this webinar, moderated by Joe Skorupa, Editorial Director, RIS News. Panelists included: Steven Keith Platt, Director, PRI, and Research Director, Retail Analytics Council, Northwestern University and Carl Ceresoli, Senior Director, Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy, Microsoft Retail Stores.

Click here to see the video of this webinar on demand.

Opportunities for IT Solution Providers in the Digital Signage Market

Are you considering whether digital signage is a new product/service you should be offering to your customers? Join us to hear both a strategic overview of the current state of the digital signage industry and a technical overview of digital signage networks. Determine if this technology offers new business opportunities to add to your current product/service offerings. Learn about market size and drivers, customer benefits, and what's involved in implementing a digital signage network, including basic system design, system components, potential challenges, and service requirements.

Robert Koolen, formerly PRI Advisor, EU Business Strategy, and Margot Myers, Director, Global Marketing and Communications, are the co-presenters for this hour-long webinar originally presented for CompTIA, the IT industry trade association.

Listen to a recording of this webinar by registering here.

Marketing to Today's Omni-Channel Consumer

Successful marketing today requires communicating a seamless, consistent brand experience to customers across both physical and digital channels, powered by the technologies that deliver on omni-channel commerce. To leverage consumers increasing control over the buying process, marketers now have access to technologies that provide a unified view of customers, together with sophisticated targeting and personalization capabilities.

PRI Director and Research Fellow Steven Keith Platt joined Rick Chavie, formerly Vice President, Omni-Commerce, hybris software, and Paul Price, CEO, Creative Realities, for this webinar presented by PRI and the American Marketing Association.

Listen to a recording of this webinar by registering here.

Transform the Retail Customer Experience and Increase Revenues with Digital Media

More than ever, retailers need to attract the attention and purchasing power of today's customer. Join us for this informative and complimentary webinar and learn how digital media can help your business transform the customer experience and increase revenues by providing high impact, dynamic content for branding, in-store promotions, and employee communication and training. Please click here to watch this webinar.

Monetizing DOOH Networks -- Business Models for Converting Ad Inventory to Money

Digital out-of-home, or place-based media, is becoming an accepted and desired form of communication between advertisers and their potential customers.  In this webinar, PRI Director and Research Fellow Steven Keith Platt joins Graeme Spicer, General Manager of Digital Media at NEC Display Solutions North America, to discuss how to reach consumers in various contexts and environments throughout their day.

The State of the Digital Signage Industry: A Short Look Back & A Longer Look Forward

As the Digital Signage Federation kicked off its 2012 webinar series, PRI Director and Research Fellow Steven Keith Platt and Director of Education and Training Margot Myers, presented a webinar to review the state of the industry.  Myers presented results of the Q4 2011 PRI-DSF North American Digital Signage Index and discussed some of the driving forces and key trends currently impacting the industry.  Platt presented a perspective on business analytics as the foundation for a singular customer perspective and also talked about the use of digital marketing systems.  Listen to the webinar.


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